All About Darklaw

teresa wymore darklaw epic fantasy lgbt
Avestine from the Darklord Webcomic.

The Darklaw Saga is an epic fantasy series. The end of the world is only the beginning…

The Darklaw Saga adventures through a highly political and violent world with a heart of myth. Who decides life and death? Who decides freedom and punishment? Who decides good and evil?

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The Books and Short Stories

“Hold Fast the Reins” – Short story available free in the book Darklaw. 8800 words

The legend is made before the gates of Stede.

Darklaw – First novel of the saga. Formerly available in print. Now available for Kindle. 100K words + illustrations

As a child, Kami survived the brutality of a sea port brothel through courage and resourcefulness. When she meets Avestine, the legendary warrior now an outlaw, Kami finds herself in a complicated world of spiritual forces and imperial intrigue. As Avestine’s past traps the two women in the middle of a war, Avestine must conquer not only her brother but her own insatiable ambition, while Kami finds the price of power is life as a slave.

“In the Shadows of Gods” – Short story available in the collection Sci Spanks 2015. 3300 words

There are too many gods in the world. Avestine has a plan to change that.

Darklord – Not yet available

Darkwar – Not yet available

teresa wymore darklaw epic fantasy lgbt
Map of the Four Kingdoms



AVESTINE is the emissary of the gods. Once Warmaster and heir to the empire of Darklaw, she was hunted by her insane brother who stole her throne and murdered their legendary father.

“Should I tell you what she was like, your hero, Avestine? She was a god. A god. Can you imagine what it’s like to own five million people? To have men kill each other for the privilege of dying by your hand? To have women beg you to cut their faces so they’ll bear your mark forever? It didn’t mean anything. In fact, she found it all quite tedious. She despised all the weak-minded sheep, all those people so willing to kill or die at a command. But then her brother killed their father and took the throne for his own. When he used his guards to make her his wife, she discovered she wasn’t a god. She couldn’t save herself. She couldn’t save her daughter.”


ROOK is an Essanti, a spiritual warrior, avowed to protect the emissary from all threats, including the emissary’s own madness.

“We are light and dark. We know love, like a wound, and death comes to us from the knowledge of that wound. The Book tells us ‘when training begins, we are formless clay, though we appear as men. When our training ends, we are gods, though we appear as men.’ For Essanti, love is a wound, and she’s all that can heal it.”


KAMI is a whore’s daughter, naive to few things yet unaware of the ferocious power growing within her — a power prophesied to end the world.

Since she was a child, she had taken shelter in the forest. The forest was shelter not because it was safe, but because it was honest. The creatures of the wild lived without self-pity or resentment. They lived without the burdens of pride and fear. They experienced life in an immediate and terrifying way, but without lies. Without any need to lie, they could trust in sensation and that meant they could surrender to sensation, so those who served Sahrot were the most alive, the freest, of all the creatures of the earth.