Darklord – Taking Time for Textures

With all the time I have to draw and write, I’m able to make a lot of progress on multiple projects. That’s how Covid-19 has been for me so far. Still sheltering at home, washing hands, etc. No one I know personally has gotten sick. We’re are at 298 cases in Iowa.

Avestine detail for the Darklaw Saga WIP.

I have begun coloring a few illustrations (see the roughs last post). Got frustrated today with a pose. If I fight with the basics for awhile, that usually just tells me I need to rethink the layout. So I returned to the Saga WIP I’ve been working on. Doing textures, mostly, more detail on metals, leather, fur. This is Procreate on the iPad Pro.

If I can have this kind of time every day, I will have Darklord text and illustrations out the door by the end of the year. Damn…did I just jinx myself?