Free Stories and Excerpts Posted

I’ve put up a few complete stories and several excerpts from longer works. The links are in the menu above.

The two complete stories are previously published in collections. “Hold Fast the Reins” takes place before Darklaw: Book One. “In the Shadow of Gods” takes place afterward. The two excerpts are the first few chapters from Darklaw: Book One and Stilicho’s Son. You can also get an introduction to Darklord: Book Two with a WIP I posted a few days ago on this blog.

The toughest part? Trying to decide what warnings to include.

I’m of two minds about warnings. I believe quality writing — and that’s my aim — should be appreciated for its world regardless of specific content. In other words, content warnings are a spoiler of sorts that might attract or repel a reader who hasn’t even had the chance to hear the author’s voice. Good writing can widen a readers appreciation of content they might never have enjoyed before.

I have listed specific content information on each story and excerpt.

On the other hand, we all have preferences. And we all have histories. That means certain content might ruin any attempt to draw in a reader to a new world. I’m not a fan of gore, and I avoid such movies. But I will read stories with gore, and some of mine have gore in them. I have friends who avoid any fiction that hints at rape or walks that line. Another friend is an alcoholic and any mention of it makes her uncomfortable.

So I’ve put content warnings on each story or excerpt as seemed best to me. One of the hardest things I’ve ever written was the beast show in Stilicho’s Son, because the cruelty was so terrible, so believe that warning.

If you spend any time on this website or my Twitter, you already know I’m all LGBTQ all the time (that’s mostly lesbian), so there are no “warnings” about that. If you have suggestions for me, just drop me an email or tweet at me. (I don’t usually have Twitter DMs open because I get drive-by trolls too regularly.)