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Posting Stilicho’s Son and Revisiting Favorite Characters

As I post web serial fiction on my webfiction blog, I get to revisit my earlier writing. I enjoyed this weekend a lot. Posting later this week is Episode 12 of Stilicho’s Son, my historical fiction…

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Ehlers-Danlos Type III Hypermobility and Exercise

[Ed – Updated and expanded information] Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – Type III Hypermobility (hEDS) often goes undiagnosed for years. Very likely a person with hEDS experiences pain and an odd list of symptoms. Until they’re diagnosed, doctors,…

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Silly and Over-the-top, But “Lower Decks” has the Soul of Star Trek

We all loved the banter between Dr. McCoy and Spock from the Old Show, didn’t we? We knew they respected each other and knew, as well, that their speciesist comments didn’t come from a place of…

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New Free Fiction and Digital Art Website

I quit my day job. That’s the first big news I’d like to share. That gave rise to the second big news. You may have noticed a few changes around here. My fiction and art now…

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How to CrossFit in a Parking Lot, Or Why the Clean Beats the Squat

Does Covid limit your CrossFit experience? Your local box was probably closed for awhile. Social distancing meant that I was off CrossFit for 10 weeks. My local box offered Zoom classes, but I dropped in for…

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