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Darklord – Demonrise WIPs #1

I’ve been spending morning hours working on my books due to COVID-19. Working under these conditions has its bad effects, too, but I try to save my anxiety and despair for later in the day. Below…

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Now That You Are Homeschooling

A hashtag on Twitter got me reminiscing (#homeschoolin5words). Most of the people posting are not homeschooling long term but maintaining their kids during the corona virus. The tweeters using the hashtag are funny and exasperated. I’ve…

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Teresa Wymore epic fantasy lgbtq darklaw
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Art in the Time of Covid-19

As Iowa increased its confirmed coronavirus cases by 50% overnight, I’m sheltering in place, despite that our governor has told us we don’t need to. Thing is, Iowa is not testing a lot, and what testing…

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Gentleman Jack and Polyamory

First day of spring break. First week of coronavirus social distancing. That left me with one choice: binge-watch Gentleman Jack on HBO. The series (8 episodes, created by Sally Wainwright) wrecked me in so many ways,…

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Ehlers-Danlos Type III Hypermobility and Exercise

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – Type III Hypermobility (hEDS) often goes undiagnosed for years. Very likely a person with hEDS experiences pain and an odd list of symptoms. Until they’re diagnosed, doctors, family, and friends may doubt their…

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