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Final Illustration with Process Photos from Clip Studio

I finished my first illustration that was fully created in Clip Studio Paint (CSP). I love this program. It works perfectly on the iPad Pro. As I work on new illustrations, especially some of the more…

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Illustration Software – Comparing Photoshop, Procreate, Clip Studio

What’s here: Some background as an illustrator. The final paragraph gives you my takeaways on the three programs. I linked the best tutorial (Reuben Lara) to get you started in Clip Studio Paint. My current big…

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Darklord – Photoshop for iPad Falls Short

The bad thing about working on my iPad Pro with Procreate is the memory limit: at the size I’m working, I can have only 8 layers. So I pulled each character into their own document and…

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Leveling Up in Life

National Quitters Day looms. I’ve read it’s the 12th, 17th, or 19th, depending on which news source you read. Don’t quit now! For me 2020 is all about work-life-fitness balance. I have a number of goals…

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