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Demonrise the Webcomic
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Webcomic WIP Pages with Clip Studio, While America Burns

I don’t post much about politics these days. I’ve avoided it since 2016. My girlfriend didn’t even vote that year–one of those millennials who just got too busy. Some friends voted for Bernie–you know, as a…

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Teresa Wymore epic fantasy lgbtq darklaw
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Darklord – Demonrise WIPs #1

I’ve been spending morning hours working on my books due to COVID-19. Working under these conditions has its bad effects, too, but I try to save my anxiety and despair for later in the day. Below…

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teresa wymore darklaw epic fantasy lgbt
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Digital Painting vs Traditional Media

As I was working today, I was thinking about how different traditional media and digital painting are. I seem to run across frequent criticisms of digital art, as if it’s cheating somehow. I do love the…

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