A New Year, A New Resolution

Last year, I made a New Year’s Resolution. I tracked it month-by-month. In December 2019, I find myself a few days away from achieving it. It’s taught me a few important things.

I discovered that to create a new habit, I need to make it a process, not a result. I have to track it, which gives some accountability and a sense of achievement in small steps.

2019 was a year about deepening my commitment to CrossFit. I had already been going for a year, and as a certified trainer with my own business, I had been consistent about fitness already. But I wanted to commit myself to a process which would help me develop a more well-rounded fitness. I also wanted a more consistent weekly routine.

So, I made a resolution to attend CrossFit 200 times in 2019. That meant 15+ sessions a month, about 4 a week. Trusting the process meant trusting that I’d see results — hopefully more pull ups, double-unders, and more handstand pushups. But my goal wasn’t a certain number of anything. My goal was just to work on them consistently.

And I did. And I find I’ve reached a few of those results. But the most important thing was showing myself I could stick with a goal for an entire year. I have a notoriously short attention span, always on to the next intriguing thing.

A webcomic page from Darklord started in 2018

For 2020, I’m transferring my focus from fitness pursuits to creative pursuits. I’ll keep attending my local box and probably still hit 200 sessions for the year, but my focus will be on writing and drawing. It’s time I complete a few of the projects that are sitting on my computer.

I published Darklaw in 2015. Since then, I’ve started the Darklord Webcomic a few different times, but had to pause it due to time commitments elsewhere. I think I’ve reached a place where I have the time and, now, the process.

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