Art in the Time of Covid-19

darklord kami teresa wymore epic fantasy lgbtq
Kami. Detail from Darklord WIP.

As Iowa increased its confirmed coronavirus cases by 50% overnight, I’m sheltering in place, despite that our governor has told us we don’t need to. Thing is, Iowa is not testing a lot, and what testing is done is not reported. All that we hear is daily confirmed cases.

You might imagine that a place like Iowa announcing 68 confirmed cases is small potatoes compared to what we hear from other countries and other states. But all that tells me for sure is there are many people walking around out there who have the infection and don’t know it or don’t care.

In fact, we just learned that a student performing dental procedures was positive LAST WEEK, while we were all still in school, working, and going to bars and restaurants. In other words, there was community spread a week before they told us there was. After that, we can’t be certain of anything.

So, I’m staying in as much as I can. Not hard for me to do, despite being ENFP. I have my family and my dogs and my work. I also have social media — I’m active on Twitter and Instagram. I follow some amazing people. I’ve deleted most of the verified accounts I once followed. I like hearing about the lives of more average people, not celebrities and news outlets.

I’ve put in extra time painting and writing this week. Looks like I’ll have 3 more weeks of doing this full time as long as my family stays healthy. I’m fortunate to be financially and physically secure right now, so I’m taking advantage of it as much as I can.

I have a few different paintings I’m working on, but this main WIP that introduces my Darklaw Page is one I’ve spent the most time on. This week, I focused on Kami. I have an action image from early in Darklord that I’ll post process pics of next week. I’m getting more comfortable with Procreate and my iPad pro, so much so, that I’m not editing in Photoshop much anymore. Don’t get me wrong…I love Photoshop. I’ve been using it since before it had layers! (That means last century.) It does everything. But for strictly illustrating, Procreate is ideal.