Carnivore At Work

Eating roast and broth for lunch with my youngest, who likes the school sandwiches.

I started working more hours this year. I train clients on the weekend and work as a para educator at a high school during the week. Before this year, I had more daytime hours to myself, and my preferred eating schedule was 10am breakfast, 2pm lunch, and sometimes an after-crossfit shake around 6-7pm.

My new hours don’t allow that. I’ve been struggling, since I don’t like eating early or late, but I need enough food to fuel my work outs without relying on convenience foods that destroy my gains.

After a month of experimenting. I found a few solutions for now. I throw a roast and bone broth into a crockpot on Sunday night. Then I store 4-5 lunches from it. I can also cook up a strip steak in the morning, being careful to undercook it. I heat it in the microwave at work, and it comes out juicy.

I eat breakfast sometimes, eggs and/or bacon. I have a protein shake or beef jerky at 2ish when I have my prep period.

Since Open season is here, I have been eating a big meal at night and snacking whenever I’m hungry. It’s giving me bad habits, but eating for this month is all about recovery before the following week. I’m just eating as much quality food as I can. That includes carbs but not sugar. I need to replace glycogen, which has been the biggest struggle for me since I began CrossFit.

I tell my clients the best combination for fitness and general health is following a low-carb diet, fasting occasionally, and strength training. Lifting heavy is the best thing you can do, and by nature it’s moderate exercise, so relies on steady energy (fat) not quick energy (glucose). Fasting enhances your body’s ability to use fat for fuel (and many other things).


I also tell my clients that they have to be motivated. I have diverse clients, including long-distance runners, vegetarians, and vegans. These choices would not be my recommendation for general fitness and health, but they are conscious choices that motivate my clients to eat quality foods and to exercise.

I’m the same way. CrossFit five times a week is not the best choice for general fitness. But for me, it’s motivational. I love it, so I’ll keep doing it. The compromise I have to make is that I need extra carbohydrates to replenish glycogen. I’m still working on how I can modify my work outs or my food. I’m working on some things, always experimenting. But two things remain the same…that’s why this site is called

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