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Darklaw is Complete: A Look Behind the Sequels and Illustrations

I started posting my previously published novel, Darklaw, in episodes on my webfiction blog last year. I posted the last episode this week, along with the epilogue. My goal was to post an episode every week…

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Back to Ink Illustrations

I’m trying some different things with illustrations for the books at my webfiction site. The Darklaw Compendium will have many new illustrations, and I’d like to do them in ink. I’ve wanted to do more pure…

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Pluto is Closing In and Life is Speeding Up as Empty Nest Looms

How is your summer of ’21 going? Mine has been packed with activity. As retrograde Pluto nears it’s final conjunction with my descendent on my birthday, I feel a sense of urgency. The transiting Sun just…

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What Work-Life Balance? Sending A Child to College

My oldest son graduated this month. It’s bittersweet, as many parents would agree. I’m trying to focus on the joy not the loss, but it’s tough. I’m so proud of this kid–his emotional strength, his ambition,…

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What 20 Years of Publishing Looks Like

I’ve mentioned how I don’t often talk about my creative work. I don’t have friends IRL who are writers or illustrators. (We share other aspects of my life, so I’m not hurting for company.) That means…

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