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In Pluto’s Shadow – Back to Creating and Lifting

It may be early to be calling the summer a wrap, but my son moves out in two days to start college, the Iowa State Fair is next week, and I start back at a second…

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Pluto is Closing In and Life is Speeding Up as Empty Nest Looms

How is your summer of ’21 going? Mine has been packed with activity. As retrograde Pluto nears it’s final conjunction with my descendent on my birthday, I feel a sense of urgency. The transiting Sun just…

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Pluto Transiting Ascendant – 7th House: Wallowing in Forever

Transiting Pluto crossed over my descendant this year. With its retrograde, Pluto has gone backwards over my descendant as of this writing. Pluto will be stationary direct on the exact degree of my descendant on my…

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Pluto, Sex, and Writing But Not in That Order

Yesterday, I learned a family member doesn’t have long to live. The sad news wasn’t what made me think of my own death. I’ve thought about it a lot lately. But what the news did was…

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Pluto Return – the Roman Empire and the U.S.

If you have been following the developments of transiting Pluto, you know it’s poised to conjunct (return to) the United States natal Pluto over the next few years. The US has its natal Pluto at 28…

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