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In Pluto’s Shadow – Back to Creating and Lifting

It may be early to be calling the summer a wrap, but my son moves out in two days to start college, the Iowa State Fair is next week, and I start back at a second…

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Pluto is Closing In and Life is Speeding Up as Empty Nest Looms

How is your summer of ’21 going? Mine has been packed with activity. As retrograde Pluto nears it’s final conjunction with my descendent on my birthday, I feel a sense of urgency. The transiting Sun just…

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What Work-Life Balance? Sending A Child to College

My oldest son graduated this month. It’s bittersweet, as many parents would agree. I’m trying to focus on the joy not the loss, but it’s tough. I’m so proud of this kid–his emotional strength, his ambition,…

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Election 2020 – Do You Live in a Well and Think Your Sliver of Sky is the World?

As I write this, the US election is over. It’s been called but not conceded. However things drop, just know we’ll always have Four Seasons Total Landscaping. We have hope, too, at least in this house….

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Some Advice on Making Your Own Face Masks

I spent the day making face masks. Despite what WHO and the CDC have been saying, face masks can significantly reduce your likelihood of contracting COVID-19 or any other virus. There are decades of research to…

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