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Non-Monogamy Requires Commitment

I’ve had an interesting week. Most of the interesting part has been online. Some of it at Reddit. I’m finding those new to the concept of ethical non-monogamy (ENM) can sometimes think of it as just…

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Revisiting the Carnivore Lifestyle

In 2010, you might have run across me posting in Facebook groups and Twitter storms, fighting the misplaced passions of animal rights activists, health advocates, and citizens concerned with environmental issues. I don’t care to argue…

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Election 2020 – Do You Live in a Well and Think Your Sliver of Sky is the World?

As I write this, the US election is over. It’s been called but not conceded. However things drop, just know we’ll always have Four Seasons Total Landscaping. We have hope, too, at least in this house….

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