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Twitter I Wish I knew How To Quit You–Oh Right, There’s Reddit

This is about finding online engagement. I returned to Twitter a few years ago after being away awhile. It’s been a test to see how it serves my interests. What I discovered is it’s not much…

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Losing Weight Takes Help – A Review of Eat To Perform

I’ve been planning this post for awhile. I decided to post today–on Thanksgiving–because I know many of you are stressing right now about losing weight even though your friends and family are telling you not to….

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Illustration Software – Comparing Photoshop, Procreate, Clip Studio

What’s here: Some background as an illustrator. The final paragraph gives you my takeaways on the three programs. I linked the best tutorial (Reuben Lara) to get you started in Clip Studio Paint. My current big…

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Desire is Power – The Better Myth of Alcestis

How much of any text is the author’s purpose and how much is the reader’s projection? Alcestis: A Novel by Katharine Beutner reminds me that a book is a relationship, and mine have always been complicated….

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