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How to Succeed in 2022 — Leave Politics to Boring People

Are you bored? Is that why you scroll and scan hours of social media? Or is it the CAUSE of your boredom? I figured out just that. Social media was boring me because what dominates social…

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Launching Soon on Patreon, My Art, Story, and Comic Site for Adults

I’ve had a page reserved for over five years on Patreon, but I haven’t launched it yet. I’m a patron of others. I support 5-10 creators every month. I hate how Patreon is embracing crypto and…

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Twitter I Wish I knew How To Quit You–Oh Right, There’s Reddit

This is about finding online engagement. I returned to Twitter a few years ago after being away awhile. It’s been a test to see how it serves my interests. What I discovered is it’s not much…

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Darklaw is Complete: A Look Behind the Sequels and Illustrations

I started posting my previously published novel, Darklaw, in episodes on my webfiction blog last year. I posted the last episode this week, along with the epilogue. My goal was to post an episode every week…

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Pluto Transiting Ascendant – 7th House: Wallowing in Forever

Transiting Pluto crossed over my descendant this year. With its retrograde, Pluto has gone backwards over my descendant as of this writing. Pluto will be stationary direct on the exact degree of my descendant on my…

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