Corona Virus and Exercising At Home – Reduce Your Decision Points

What are you doing for exercise during your isolation? It seems so many of you are exercising at home there’s a kettlebell shortage! There are many choices. Sometimes having too many choices is the problem. That’s how it was for me a decade ago when I started my weight loss journey.

My cool new Junk headband “Quarantine 2020”.
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You NEED to be exercising. Running, lifting, walking, swimming. These things stimulate your immune system, reduce stress, enhance insulin sensitivity, and maintain lean muscle.

I see posts on Twitter and Instagram from people getting creative with exercise. Many local trainers as well as celebrity athletes are providing free work outs via video, Zoom, Facebook, and other media. This online delivery is getting nuts. With all the things my family does, we have used Zoom, Facetime, Vidyo, VSee, Doxy, Canvas, and Skype for various meetings.

My CrossFit box has been doing online Zoom work outs. Members checked out equipment to keep at home for the duration, and the workout includes strength and metcon pieces.

I’ve been running on my treadmill and throwing in a few strength pieces in a solo work out. I haven’t joined the Zoom work outs yet. I’m having a tough time following a schedule. I’m just not able to work out at a scheduled time.

I find I need a lot of transition time, time when I just sit and shift gears from one activity to another. I’m sure it’s stress. As much as I love whole days devoted to my books, this is still a time of crisis and my family is still home doing their own work. We’re all processing. We’re all waiting. It feels like I’m just waiting…

And worrying about my son who works at a grocery store and my elderly mother who lives with me.

Well, from what I’ve seen, you aren’t wanting for choices of exercise, but you may be having a difficult time choosing among them. That’s why I just get on my treadmill and jam to classic rock for 2-3 miles. No planning, no prep, just step on and push a button. After a few miles, I have physically warmed up and mentally transitioned, and now I can lift.

You have to find that thing that is easy for you to start, just a step, not an entirely new habit or constant decision points. It’s more often the decision points that wear us out mentally, not the physical work involved.

I can give you some ideas:

  • Visit at-home main site, which has a different work out every day with or without equipment.
  • Your local CrossFit box likely has an online work out every day or so. Contact them and start now. Bonus: it’s likely all body weight stuff. When box sessions resume, you won’t feel so out-of-place walking in as a new member.
  • Instagram has a million companies and people posting workouts, like Wod Roulette.