CrossFit Open 2019, Weeks 1-2

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My youngest and I dressed as pirates for our team.

I feel lucky to have one of my sons joining me at my local Crossfit box.

This is the first Open for each of us. He’s in the 14-15 boys, and I’m in the 18-54 Women. This will be my first and last year in the main division. Next Open, I’ll be in Women Masters 55+, and many of the exercises, loads, and/or reps will be altered. So it means a lot to do the same work out that my fellow athletes here are doing since it will be different next year.

At Crossfit Coralville, participants are put into teams, and we have 3 this year. Each team decides on a theme for the week and we make a fun Saturday of it with costumes, foods, cheering…and plenty of sweat. We have some real competitors, but also plenty of members who keep their focus on fun. Every Crossfit box has its personality, and I really like mine.

19.1 was a basic work out — wall balls and rowing. The workout favors the taller athlete, but I was able to Rx this one! I have had to scale almost everything for this past year; usually the weights are just more than I can lift.

19.2 was a complex workout that made you “earn your bar”. That is, the athlete had to complete a set to tire them out before getting to heavy squat cleans with increasing weight each round. I had to scale 25 toes-to-bar to knee raises and 50 double-unders became single-unders because I can complete only a few of each. The 75-pound bar wasn’t terribly hard, but I was a little late finishing, so I didn’t get a shot at the 95-pound bar.

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