Darklord – Photoshop for iPad Falls Short

The bad thing about working on my iPad Pro with Procreate is the memory limit: at the size I’m working, I can have only 8 layers. So I pulled each character into their own document and cropped them down. When I add texture or shadow or highlights, I use a new layer and merge only after I’m sure it’s what I want. I can play with a variety of different colors this way, too.

Changing up some color and textures after separating out the characters. Still in Procreate and was disappointed with Photoshop for iPad.

The image appears quite different in color and lighting when viewed from Procreate on my iPad versus Photoshop on my desktop versus the display from my website. I’d like more consistency. Having the image appear so different depending on what is viewing the image is exactly why I didn’t include images in the digital version of Darklaw.

Speaking of Photoshop: I was ecstatic to see they have Photoshop for the iPad!! I loaded it, opened it, pulled in a canvas…and no burn or dodge tools…no color select tool. WTF? So what this tells me is they simply want to compete with Procreate and aren’t doing what PS does best. The ONLY reason I need Photoshop for illustration is these specialized tools that Procreate doesn’t have. I know Photoshop so well that I would love to use it for illustration, but Procreate has a few features that are perfect for illustration — almost like working a piece of paper.

So I deleted Photoshop for iPad since I have it on my desktop for larger layout activities.

I bought about a dozen Procreate brush packs from designcuts.com, including furs, foliage, and glitter. Getting to know the brushes takes a lot of time and notes because I find I don’t always use them as the creators intended. For example, a grass brush is one I prefer for hair. The deals were phenomenal, and I felt like a kid in a candy store. I could create my own brushes, and most who do are artists themselves, but I’d rather put my time into crafting my world and support others who prefer to do the tech development.