Darklord – Using Skin Brushes

Last post I mentioned I downloaded a lot of brushes from designcuts.com. I really like the skin textures pack. I blend the various brushes and keep separate layers and groups so that I can blend differently as I develop the overall image.

Portrait close up of Avestine in Procreate for iPad Pro.

With traditional media — and I used mostly charcoal and pencils — getting rough or smooth textures felt easy. My hand just knew what to do. Drawing digitally is really not intuitive for me at all. Until I started experimenting with brushes, I wasn’t able to get the same look using the basic Procreate media brushes.

I’m curious if other illustrators have the same issue with getting good textures from digital painting. Maybe it’s just my lack of familiarity. I’ve been doing digital for 2-3 years, and I still feel I’m a beginner. Of course, I had about 40 years of experience with charcoals before that.