Demonrise Webcomic – First Erotic Interlude WIPs

New Demonrise episodes have not posted for a few weeks. Have you noticed?

I know that some of you are keeping up with Demonrise (over at my Webfiction Blog), not because I have had comments on the posts from anyone but bots and spammers, but because I see the traffic and links coming in. Some of you are sharing and revisiting, and I love you for that.

Demonrise WIP

Demonrise is still a small webcomic, a little guppy in a vast ocean of whales. Perhaps once I have several chapters out there and several years of postings, I’ll get heckled when I delay regular posting.

Why the Delay

I was at a point in the story where we were going to check in on Rook to see how he’s doing in his disembodied trek across the world. That required some gruesome scenes, and I just wasn’t in the mood for studying the reference material for my drawing. Think plague corpses and hungry vermin. So, I made a truth of Freud’s Thanatos v Eros, or when faced with catabolism, I sought out anabolism. In other words, I decided to focus on sex.

I’m nearly finished with a full page of the erotic stylings of Kami and Avestine–along with Esme, because the more the merrier, I always say. I think after these next several pages post, I’ll be ready to deal with Rook and what he finds in the Dark Quarter. As I work on the final versions of the pages, I thought I’d share some WIPs.

Demonrise WIP

How lucky am I that I have created my life in such a way that I get to spend hours drawing naked women and sex? Life is good.