Demons Rise This Summer – New Darklaw Webcomic

Demons neither live nor die. They rise and fall and the only thing they fear is the Demonfell.

Demonrise is an LGBT fantasy webcomic starting the summer of 2020. Events from the stories posted intersect with Darklord, the sequel to the novel Darklaw. If you’re not familiar with the Darklaw Saga, you can find out more at my blog here. Or through visiting the Amazon book link to your left.

Over the years, I have written, illustrated, and designed pieces of this world until they coalesced into a saga that covers generations. Influences for this world include a childhood playing D&D, university degrees in ancient Greek & Latin and creative writing, an interest in the Old West, the fabulous worlds of Conan and Xena, and the history of religion. Primarily, I like to write about relationships, the more complicated the better.

Darklaw has been the creative labor of several decades. It seems many authors and illustrators who help creatives develop their worlds have their own projects, and this is mine.

The First Webcomic

Some of you may remember the first few attempts at a Darklaw webcomic. Due to work and family, not to mention the overhead the different processes took, those attempts didn’t last long. I do all aspects of this work myself — writing, illustrating, lettering, producing the final pieces, website development and management, posting, social media, and curating. The quality I wanted from each aspect was just not there due to my limited time and the clunky way online delivery worked. I wanted what I produced to be print-ready, as well.

I learned so much from those first attempts. The main two are that creative work has to be my main job, not a side hustle, and a webcomic is not really a blog. So, I quit my day job and will deliver my stories as a photo gallery not a “webcomic” blog.


If feminism is a dirty word to you, or if you think to educate me about what it “really” means, you might want to walk away instead. Lives are stories, and I’m glad there are so many, but that doesn’t mean I need to read ones that don’t interest me nor would I try to coerce anyone into reading mine.

I grew up loving comic books. I still do. I even had a letter printed in The Savage Sword of Conan when I was 10ish. What was my comment? That the women were all weak “wenches,” and even Red Sonja, who was able to match swords with Conan, had no muscles! They published my letter with the response that “That’s what our artists like to draw and readers like to see.” Fuckers.

So I turned to writing my own strong women. And eventually, strong women who love other women. And then, women who love lots of other women and sometimes men, too. You’ll see women who are weak and wenches in Darklaw, but what you won’t see is a lack of agency. Women navigate their choices, accept the struggles, and get the rewards. In fact, Avestine and Kami have a conflict over this very idea in the first novel:

Kami: “Don’t you think it would be better for those girls to be with their families or married or anything besides this?”
Avestine: “I see.” She touched Kami’s chin and smiled indulgently. “I don’t think women need to be protected. They need work and pleasure, and I give them both.”

Darklaw is a fantasy world filled with foul language, physical violence, war & murder, occasional cruelty, liberal alcohol use, and verbal abuse — and this is just the heroes. Everyone is guilty of something, no one is innocent, and everyone has their reasons. And who are you to judge, anyway? Also, there’s plenty of sex.

The Future of Darklaw

My hope for the future is to finish Darklord and publish the illustrated novel while posting Demonrise stories that intersect with it. Then on to the third book, Darkwar. I’m also learning new programs — 3D modeling and animation — and hope to expand the world of Darklaw in new ways over the next few years.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey with Avestine, Rook, and Kami so far. New characters arrive, and the old gods remain, even as demons return to the world…this summer.