Embrace the Loss – Pluto Transits Capricorn

Pluto is transiting important areas for many of us the next few years.

If you read about natal astrology, you likely know Pluto has made its return in the U.S. birth chart. Hence, the foul stench rising from the nation’s capitol. The stink surrounds the country, wherever the ends justify the means, wherever winning is an end in itself.

But this post isn’t about politics, because Pluto is likely affecting your chart in a more personal way. Yet, just like the nation’s political parties, you’re likely consumed with winning in some way. You may have cheerfully relinquished your integrity, blissfully embracing the logic of the pack. The pack is a useful construct for beings that lack creativity and independence, like dogs and wolves. Not humans.

My natal chart with transits for June 2020. (From astrodienst.com). Over the next 6 months Pluto and Saturn will be crossing my descendant. Family members also have connections to angles, suns, and moons. My family will experience some major evolutions, both external and internal. And this is the first round of four years of retrogrades.

Pluto’s presence should keep us wary of our motives and challenge our pack-mentality. Pluto is a lighthouse, warning us away from a shore so familiar yet so rocky, where we don’t mind the danger. In fact, we seek the fight because the drama is so seductive. When we crave drama, it’s because we sense that the loss is no worse than the win…and anything is better than being alone, right? There are other words that mean “alone.” Words like “independent” and “critical thinker.”

Even winning becomes secondary to belonging. When we have joined our pack, we can feel settled in our choices and pursuits because we aren’t making decisions anymore. Someone else is thinking for us…and we will fight beside them and for them until the end! Hysteria rises inversely to the importance of its focus. You crave the drama because you lack the meaning. You are lying to yourself. The fight has become about you, about him, about us, about winning!

And it will end. You will lose. That’s what Pluto is telling you. That’s why you see it lighting up that part of your chart where you can’t let things go, where you’re willing to burn it all down, telling yourself it’s for something really, really important…and look at all these people who agree with you!

What’s really, really important?

Is this important thing important enough to withdraw from the fight, to abandon your pack, be alone, to reflect, to accept that a new path must be forged? Or do you find that you just can’t let it go? You just can’t open your mind to other choices, viewpoints, values? You just can’t walk away from your pack and go it alone on paths not yet formed?

Pluto is here to tell you that you must.

What stirs your passion? What kindles your rage? Pluto sends us away from our familiar fights to discover new ones. They will be quiet because they will be important. They will be deep because they will be personal. Pluto challenges us to have faith in our evolution, as well as trust in ourselves to handle whatever comes.

  • If danger is real, it’s scary not enticing.
  • If a fight is worthwhile, it’s within yourself not against another.
  • If passion is healing, it arises from discovery not coercion.

Wuwei Wuzhi Wuyu

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