Final Illustration with Process Photos from Clip Studio

I finished my first illustration that was fully created in Clip Studio Paint (CSP). I love this program. It works perfectly on the iPad Pro. As I work on new illustrations, especially some of the more “atmospheric” ones, I’ll be working with Blender, too, which, like CSP is still pretty new to me.

If you saw my last post, I compare various illustration programs I’ve used. CSP is my main one going forward, but I use Procreate for some textures and some color work, and Photoshop for production of final images — just because I know it so well. I’m sure I could do everything with CSP. I didn’t mention Blender before. That’s a whole different can of worms.

Process Photo 1
Rough drawing using pencil and foliage brushes. Decided I didn’t like the stylized grass. Rough draw a layer, then blue it (or just dim it), and use pen brushes to finalize it before working on tone.
Process Photo 2
Getting used to the charcoal and gouache brushes for creating textures like metal, hair, and leather. Rocks, ground, grass are a challenge just because there are so many ways you can go. I love the pen & ink style, and even bought some great comic art brushes that making “inking” so easy, but in the end, charcoal still makes more sense to my hand.
Process Photo 3
Moved the highwaymen apart, and went with heavier snow. I was still trying to decide how much background to create and considered including the distant mountains.
Illustration from Chapter 1 of Darklord
I love snow in real life and love to write it. I also love how CSP handles illustrating it. Darklord takes place mostly in the Ice Quarter, so most of the action will be in a wintry climate. The first book, Darklaw, took place mostly in the temperate climate of the Trade Quarter. (You can view a map on the Darklaw Page.)