Finishing My First CrossFit Open

Crossfit open 2019 is done. Were you there? If not, plan for October! It’s a terrific opportunity to test your fitness, find your weaknesses, be part of a team, and make your teen kids do things with you.

I’m really proud to have completed every workout in CrossFit Open 2019. The scoring is nearly final although a few video reviews may still change the numbers a bit.

The work outs were as varied as you would expect for CrossFit. I loved some, hated others but was glad to be challenged with each of them even when I was sick. I had two weeks of a pretty terrible virus and then a sinus infection, but finishing was too important for me to sit out a week, even if that meant a lower score.

Not as strong as I had hoped, but still feeling proud to have completed it. I have clear goals for next season.

My goal was to end overall at 50% but I hit only 43%.

My lowest performances were 19.2 and 19.5; both had bar lifts (cleans, thrusters). I could do the weight, but needed more rest than most competitors.

Next Open I’ll be 55, a “Master” LOL and weights are usually lighter. Bar lifts will be more doable.

On the other hand, my best performances were 19.1 and 19.3, wall balls and handstand push-ups — moves that I probably do better than a lot of women my age. In the Masters workouts they usually remove HSPU so that’s not something I’m happy about.

My son and I after our final work out 19.5. Our team theme was beach/sea. We are totally ready for pool season now, too. #bonus

My size is an advantage with body movements and a disadvantage with heavy lifts, so I’m not sure if the Masters category will be more advantageous or not. But this is Crossfit: the point is to become fit all-around by addressing weaknesses.

My youngest son joined me. He did the teen boys 14-15 scaled. I’m proud of his participation and performance. This was his first Open, too.

We had a lot of fun at our box, Exodus Crossfit Coralville. Every box has its personality. I’ve been to several and love where I’m at now. We had teams and scoring was based not only on performance but participation and spirit, so we all had ways to contribute even if we’d never win our category against some of these beasts.

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