Finishing my Second CrossFit Open

Work out 20.5 was terrible. A third 20-minute work out. Ugh.

As a masters woman, I had the choice of Rx with chest-to-bar pull-ups or scaled with jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups. For work out 20.2 I did scaled, because I have only 4-5 double unders. I thought I should scale if there was a movement or volume I couldn’t do. But a friend at the box showed me a different approach: doing Rx for everything, no matter how few minutes or reps she might get.

I like that mindset for several reasons:

  • First, I have experienced and seen athletes get their first reps of a movement they didn’t think possible. The adrenaline, cheering, and focused performance can really push you to perform. This Open at our box, I saw first muscle ups, first handstand push-ups, and many of us got PRs on our clean & jerk.
  • Second, when a work out is scaled, it seems that everything is scaled, sometimes cheating me of a challenge I would like. Doing 20.5 scaled would have meant I could do jumping chest-to-bar, but I would be doing a 10-pound wallball to 8, not 9 ft. Those 120 wallballs sucked no matter what weight or distance I threw it, but I could do 9 ft, so I should do 9 ft.
This is most of the members of the Trouble Unders — team champs. We got the photo pretty late at night.

Just completing the five Open work outs makes me proud. These five weeks challenged me both mentally and physically. But I had lots of fun, too. My two teens and husband joined me, so it was a family event every week.

At the box I attend, we didn’t just compete for individual wins. All the members were on teams for five weeks. We had potluck, spirit challenges, and competed for points in many categories. I was one of the spirit winners, which was just a wonderful surprise.

At this point in the week, I don’t know if I met the goal I had after my last Open, because all the results aren’t tallied. But I achieved something I didn’t expect, doing 4/5 of the work outs Rx!

Spirit winners. Can you tell?

I’ve attended boxes that are all business or focused on competition, but I love where I’m at now. Exodus Coralville CrossFit is a Level Method box –community-focused, advocating fitness more than competition, and progressing everyone in their goals.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have our star athletes. In fact, we have an amazing masters woman who will be competing in the online qualifier for the CrossFit Games!

For me, now that the Open is over, the new year begins.

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