How to Succeed in 2022 — Leave Politics to Boring People

Are you bored? Is that why you scroll and scan hours of social media? Or is it the CAUSE of your boredom? I figured out just that. Social media was boring me because what dominates social media rarely interests me. What provokes and excites so many people just bores the shit out of me.

Politics, is one example.

A splash page from my (not yet posted) adventure and satire comic Savage Sinru. It’s part of my One Page Comics series. Click to view the full-sized image. More info at my Deviant Art page.

I don’t care. Saying this gets an immediate response from those invested in the subject: I SHOULD care because it affects me and the world. So does art and sex and imagination and creativity. Those things don’t bore me, so I’ll spend my time and emotional energy on those things. And maybe I’ll tell you that YOU should spend more time creating and consuming art rather than humping the newest scandal or meme like some dog in heat.

The social media I spend the most time on are Twitter and Reddit. I focus on art communities and run across a lot of new and/or young artists and writers. So many of them seem to be searching for inspiration and ideas. I can’t imagine that problem. I have so many story ideas I can’t get them all out.

I’m a storyteller in words and art. If you haven’t visited my webfiction website, you might want to drop by for a free read. My works span many genres but most also include sexual situations and violence. My goal used to be to support myself as an author, and a friend reminded me–as well-meaning people often do–that erotic (lesbian and polyamorous) content severely limits my marketability.

So what.

I mean, that used to matter to me a lot. It’s only in the last few years that I realized I was not having fun trying to write “mainstream” for the market–even trying to guess what that was exactly. And fun is really all that matters.

Writing stories and leaving out the sexual content is boring. I don’t even like to read stories or watch shows that lack adult situations. I’m also getting very tired of all the heterosex. I joined Lesflicks and it’s been all right, but so many of the stories are just downers. I like fantasy, adventure, historical stories with lesbian or bisexual characters who have some goal besides coming out to family or meeting “the one.” And whose characters aren’t dying from some disease that makes the last days, you know, deeply meaningful. Really. My life has enough drama . . . and give me paradigm-challenging erotica over patriarchy-enforcing romance any day.

That’s why I spend more time these days writing my own stories. In fact, that’s why I started writing many years ago. So when I realized I was spending 6-10 hours a day working on stories that bored me, I had to make a decision: continue to grind away the hours of my life on the slim hope I could one day make enough money from sales or just have fun and call it a hobby.

You know what I chose.

I write and draw when I can. If by some chance I find a way to leverage all this work into a steady paycheck, I’ll be able to do more. Until then, I feel pretty successful. I’m doing what I love. I hope that comes through in my work and that you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen.

I’ll have new content posted on my webfiction website, my Deviant Art Page, and Patreon in 2022.

It will be a busy year. I won’t be bored.