In Pluto’s Shadow – Back to Creating and Lifting

It may be early to be calling the summer a wrap, but my son moves out in two days to start college, the Iowa State Fair is next week, and I start back at a second day job in two weeks. This summer, I vacationed in Colorado Springs and worked at the Crossfit Games in Madison.

I’m back to posting regularly on my webfiction website. The Darklord webserial is continuing and Darklaw is posting weekly. Darklaw is a long novel at over 120,000 words, so it’s got a ways to go yet. I finished the new character paintings in Procreate. I would love to know what you think of them as I have fleshed them out more and gotten a better handle on Procreate’s brushes. These are the characters at the beginning of Darklaw, and they will appear different in Darklord, some two decades and lots of hard living later.

Training and Vacations

A large part of my summer was a new training program and vacations. The training is programming my own CrossFit workouts (gymnastics, Olympic lifts, strength) since I’m not happy with any local boxes. Mostly, it’s about distance and class times. And as a masters athlete, I’m disappointed in the focus I see locally. I have my L-1 Crossfit Training cert and Masters Training cert, and I would love to open my own box aimed at masters athletes, but I’m not eager to start a new business. The last one went well, but it was exhausting.

Our family vacation was in Colorado Springs this year. It was fabulous–caving, horseback riding, the Zoo, Segways, rafting, Garden of the Gods! I would move there in a second. And that may be a possibility one day. Basically, I just want to work at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. The hotel we stayed in was abysmal and our experience would make a good comedy show. I would totally have brushed off the whole experience except that it affected my kids experience for the worse. As it is, I posted my 1star and many-picture review on Google, complained to the rewards program, and we left two days early.

Then I had the opportunity to go to the Crossfit Games with a work friend! I was there 5 days, working for the broadcast group for most of it, but got to see a lot of the behind-the-scenes process, including the coliseum ($500 tickets), the athletes, and Dave Castro! It was a bucket list experience! I bought like one of everything, too. I’m not a fan of No Bull really–their muted colors and minimalist designs don’t speak to me like Reebok’s red, white, and blue, but that’s the sponsor. Monster was also a sponsor, and a buddy and I made sure to share the wealth with a lot of the workers in the heat. Hey, if you saw a lot of people drinking white Monster, it may have been simply water: Monster had all their varieties, but they also put plain old water put in a labeled can and we stocked up coolers with it. Good times riding around in a gator.

Ah, Pluto

My trip ended abruptly and not in a good way, but I’m so glad I had the experience.

Definitely, I would say my personal Games experience was a Pluto event. A power dynamic blew up with my boss at the Games that I simply bowed out of to avoid a fight, but that sparked a power dynamic with my friend, who I guess is no longer a friend. Score one for Pluto.

I’m still reading and reflecting on the major Pluto transit hitting my Descendant. Pluto will station on it on my birthday and then be done with the sensitive point, traveling deeper into my 7th house for the next 15 years. My creative work is very plutonian, and I hope that can absorb some of the energy, but I’m still contemplating (through Daoist eyes), the potentials of death, divorce, violence, and lawsuits…

I plan to continue regular posts for Darklord and Demonfell, but you can follow the webfiction blog or my Twitter to be notified of updates.