Learning Blender 3D – The Castle

I’ve been taking the extra time I have at home to learn some new programs. That includes Clip Studio Paint and Blender 3D.

Clip Studio Paint (CSP) has been an easy transition because I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop so long, as well as Illustrator and Procreate over the years, so it’s really been about learning new keys and processes. Reuben Lara‘s video was all I needed to get up and running with illustration.

Castlebejel entry buildings. There will be walls and more buildings surrounding a courtyard.

Blender 3D (B3D), however, is a whole new process for me. I’ve wanted to learn 3D art and modeling for years but just couldn’t make it happen on my own. It’s the kind of process that takes submersion — at least for me. So that’s what I’ve done. I downloaded B3D — it’s free — and bought some tutorials.

I started at Gum Road with the Jama Jurabaev Blender Bundle. He’s a concept artist, so he’s all about getting the look you want quickly. He got me designing and taking me through just what I needed, not extras. He created a 3-D city then painted it in Photoshop. Damn it was nice. Loved that! After awhile, I wanted to learn a little more knowledge of all the menus and tie in building with materials and even animation.

Adding some color to the castle. The lions are assets I bought from http://turbosquid.com

I started at CG Cookie. I started the free tutorial building a rocket ship, adding materials, animating. This is a traditional learning experience. You can start for free, but it costs to complete the tutorial. The monthly is a little pricey, but this is 3D after all.

I spent 12 hours on these tutorials and hours more on my own. Building the Castlebejel castle has been very slow but is speeding up as I get use to navigating and manipulating objects. So far, I’m amazed my computer can handle it. When I render — just colors for now, no fancy materials — the fan works overtime. As a noob, probably the worst thing is not understanding how to manage memory. I know very little about using instances still, and I’m sure there are tricks to managing file sizes in Blender 3D as there are in any program.

The Jama Jurabaev tutorial was really important for me because it set my mind at ease. My oldest son has taken engineering courses, include 3D printing. Hearing and watching what he does to create things seemed overwhelming. But I’m not interested in modeling, and this is what Jama pointed out. All that matters for me is how the final image looks, not measurements and precision.

When I’m done, I’ll probably use Photoshop or CSP and paint the 3D image. Using and rendering textures is next level. And animation.