Leveling Up in Life

Strict Handstand Pushups at my CrossFit box with the encouragement of my husband.

National Quitters Day looms. I’ve read it’s the 12th, 17th, or 19th, depending on which news source you read. Don’t quit now! For me 2020 is all about work-life-fitness balance.

I have a number of goals this year, not just one. Last year, it was just the work outs. It’s easier for me, as for most of us probably, to throw ourselves into one thing. Focusing on one change, one goal, is simpler and requires less decision points. It’s always the decision points that make things tough.

When you have a schedule, calendars to check, and accountability to others or even just that calendar, you’re more likely to keep the commitment. No decision to be made. Should you, shouldn’t you? Will you, won’t you? Too busy? Too tired? No thinking. You just do it because it’s on the schedule.

Slow and steady wins the race...

I purchased Intro to Procreate by Román García Mora on domestika.com. No, I don’t speak Spanish, but the subtitles were good. I didn’t expect to get much new information, since I’m pretty well past the beginning stage on Procreate, so why would I take the time?

I’ve discovered the value of listening the experts, even if I’m already something close to an expert.

Roughing in new characters while still working textures — lots of leather.

Adobe Photoshop, for example. I’ve been using that program since before it had layers, back when we made our own effects with alpha channels. LOL. For those keeping score, that is more than 20 years ago. I still run across users now-and-then with a new trick to teach me.

I had a career in programming.

This was the Wild West days of the web, and all of us doing the work had taught ourselves. Not only that, but some of us wore all the hats: database, programming, scripting, graphic design, video editing, writing content. It was such an adventure, so much fun seeing what could be done, and so much variety!

We were creating processes that hadn’t been developed. Not today. In the web business today, you need a degree, and you get siloed into one piece of the web-world. But back around 2010, when the transition from self-taught employees to degreed employees began, I found I had missed some things. And I didn’t have the vocabulary at all; I didn’t know what to call some of the things I was doing.

I Need to Mention My Jeep

#hawkeyejeep — First Snow, 2020

I bought my Jeep Wrangler in Arizona and drove it back to Iowa this summer. Yes, I traveled 2500 miles for the perfect car.

I love my #hawkeyejeep, and as I was driving one day a few months ago, I wrapped my hands around the leather steering wheel…and discovered buttons. I discovered I had controls for radio, HDD, and blue tooth right on the wheel! It’s a pretty upscale feature for a Wrangler Sport.

The guy who sold it to me didn’t tell me. Did he even know? The seller didn’t get all the details from the “expert” so he missed an opportunity to add that feature and possibly sell the Jeep sooner.

Lucky me.

So it helps to see what others have to say, even when you feel you know it all.

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