More Characters – Digital Color is Free

I’m beginning to add other characters (Rook) while continuing with Avestine’s detail and backgrounds.

Three more hours this weekend gave me time to start another character. In this illustration you’ll see the three main characters from Darklaw, but also a few new characters. Two adolescents drive the Darklord plot, including Kami’s son, who is 14 as the story begins. Does that make it YA?

Painting digitally rather than with traditional media is so nice. I can put a character in its own group of layers (color, line, textures, highlights, etc), which allows me to work behind or in front of it without stressing about edges. It also lets me change spatial relationships if I want.

I worked in traditional media for decades before digital came along. I’m so envious of the kids growing up with this tech today. I wonder what I might have been able to create when I was younger.

The biggest obstacle back then was color: making color illustrations was expensive because the media and production were both expensive. That’s why I worked most of my life in black and white. Digital color is free. Free!

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