New Free Fiction and Digital Art Website

I quit my day job. That’s the first big news I’d like to share.

That gave rise to the second big news. You may have noticed a few changes around here. My fiction and art now reside at Web Fiction By Teresa Wymore, a subdomain of this website.

What’s at the Web Fiction Website?

The fictional works include an archive of my stories, novels, novellas, and illustrations published over the past 20 years there. They are free to view and read. Some have mature content and are NSFW. Quick links to each of my series are at the sidebar to your left.

Web Fiction By Teresa Wymore is serialized fiction, not PDFs or eBooks of entire works for you to download. Why?

WEB FICTION WEBSITE teresa wymore darklaw epic fantasy lgbt

Because posting my back catalog is quite an undertaking. That means it’s time I don’t have to put into current projects, so I’m streamlining the process as much as I can. That means I post new episodes (usually 1000-2000 words) of these works each week. Shorter works may take 1-4 posts. Others will take hundreds, like the novel Darklaw.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you’d like to follow along, you can subscribe at Web Fiction By Teresa Wymore and receive weekly emails about what’s been updated. I’m sorry to say that I’m not organized enough to provide a long-term schedule of updates for any particular series, but I will post items weekly.

I’m also posting current and previously unpublished work at Web Fiction By Teresa Wymore. This includes:

  1. DEMONRISE – *NEW* epic fantasy LGBTQ webcomic from the Darklaw Saga universe
  2. DARKLORD – *NEW* epic fantasy LGBTQ continuation of the Darklaw Saga
  3. STILICHO’S SON – *NEW* historical fiction M/M novel set in Late Rome
  4. *NEW* Art

So What’s at This Website?

This website, Teresa Wymore Author and Illustrator is my personal blog, where I post about the creative process…and whatever else I find interesting.

As I post over there, I will reflect over here. You’ll find posts here about different digital art programs, as well as development and processes with regard to writing, art, and website creation.

  • If you’re interested in the process of creating a webcomic or how I lost 80 pounds and stay fit, you should visit this website occasionally.
  • If you want just the fiction and art episodes and don’t care about the other stuff, subscribe over there to receive weekly updates.

Why is This Happening?

My intimate community of readers (I love all fourteen of you) probably don’t realize just how much time I spend creating and what that means for my life.

Firstly, I don’t do one project; I do several. Secondly, creating something is just the beginning. Once you have a product, you have to distribute it. That takes marketing, planning, and cultivating business relationships with those who can help you — whether you publish traditionally or by yourself. And that takes time. Boring boring frustrating unproductive time that I could put into more story and more art.

Sure, the sacrifice for NOT doing the boring boring frustrating unproductive time is lack of followers and money. But we’ll see how thing pan out in a year or so. Because yes, I quit my day job to do this.

I’ll make another post in awhile about the decisions I’ve made concerning traditional and self publishing as well as hosting for my webcomic. Unless you’re in the daily grind of this, you probably don’t understand the many decisions and outcomes. I love to share that stuff because it would have helped me a lot to be told a decade ago rather than finding out on my own through trial-and-a-whole-lotta-error.