Pluto Transiting Ascendant – 7th House: Wallowing in Forever

Transiting Pluto crossed over my descendant this year. With its retrograde, Pluto has gone backwards over my descendant as of this writing. Pluto will be stationary direct on the exact degree of my descendant on my birthday in 2021 before it moves deeper into my 7th house. Talk about ominous.

As a once-in-a-lifetime transit, I have been doing a lot of reading and research. What that looks like is seeing what other astrologers have to say, looking at the charts of others and their Pluto transits, and looking at my own chart through the years when Pluto hit a sensitive point or when other planets hit my descendant.

As you can imagine, my first reaction was to freak out.

Pluto signals evolutionary changes. Not sudden, like Uranus, but thorough, like an avalanche. So, am I getting a divorce? Are family members dying? Will I meet my Svengali? I’ve looked at many sides of this. Transiting Pluto is currently conjunct my descendant but that means it’s opposing my ascendant. Natal Pluto is in my 3rd house. Pluto rules Scorpio, which is in my 5th house. That’s some diverse areas of life to consider in the mix.

The worst few years of my life were when transiting Pluto conjuncted my sun and moon. Those years were painful–humiliating failures and extreme paranoia. In fact, I was literally insane during that period. I really didn’t know what was real and couldn’t function in reality. Nevertheless, much later, I realized those were formative years for my art. I made tremendous progress in technique and inspiration. I experienced fugue states and entered my internal fantasy world in a way I have never done since then. The bad part was it was also a formative time for social development, and that’s where I failed so spectacularly. Saturn was there to help me out through the next decade and beyond.

Pluto’s View of Reality

My webfiction site has been languishing lately due to “reality” interfering. That is, I have a child heading to college and bills to pay. That’s what I meant by Saturn helping out. Saturn is my favorite planet. He reminds me to think about “reality.” It’s not so simple a thing defining reality. What is real: this keyboard I touch or the thought that drives me to use it? If both are real, which is more important? The one we can both see with our eyes (the keyboard), but the other we can both gain meaning from with our minds (the thought).

Pluto cares about reality, too, but he’s not so concrete as Saturn. Saturn can help give structure to ideas to make them real, but the ideas aren’t real in Saturn’s world. I suspect Pluto isn’t so picky. As a higher octave of Mars, Pluto’s reality is whatever drives us to action, hence his predilection with psychology, particularly the realm of the subconscious which motivates us but doesn’t allow control.

My child is the most real thing to me, so his welfare comes first. But I have some time this week to put into creating, so I’ve been working on a new cover for Darklaw. I tell myself should be prioritizing my webcomic Demonrise and my webserial Darklord, but I’m reworking Darklaw instead. What’s that about? The novel was published originally in 2015 in print. It was published in 2017 as a digital book. I plan to publish a 3rd edition with new cover, new illustrations, and editing later this year. I’m close to finishing the Darklaw 3rd edition cover, which will feature the three main characters–Avestine, Kami, and Rook.

I was mulling over ideas for the background of the cover when I got really excited thinking about rereading and editing the book. When I say “edit,” I don’t mean copyediting. I had that professionally done–you know, because I have 3 Virgo planets, and it’s (nearly) perfect. I have developmental changes, and I plan 20+ B&W illustrations for inside the book. So, I was mulling this over as I sat in my gazebo drinking coffee this morning. And it hit me. Pluto crossing my descendant and entering my 7th is, indeed, all about relationships. My relationships with my characters…and my books, my art, my internal reality.

I can’t wait to rejoin Avestine and Kami’s first adventure. That’s what I realized. I love them. I love their struggles. I love their growth. As I do this, I’ll be adding to their current adventures, too, with Demonrise and Darklord. Experiencing their different eras concurrently is the best part of a fictional world. I do this with other series, too. I often avoid reading or watching a series finale. I simply go back and restart the series. Endings are for external reality. I can do whatever I want with my reality.

I know Pluto has a few of those endings in store for me in the next twenty years. But right now, as Pluto highlights my relationships (7th), art (5th), and writing (3rd), I get to wallow in forever.