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Darklaw is Complete: A Look Behind the Sequels and Illustrations

I started posting my previously published novel, Darklaw, in episodes on my webfiction blog last year. I posted the last episode this week, along with the epilogue. My goal was to post an episode every week…

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Back to Ink Illustrations

I’m trying some different things with illustrations for the books at my webfiction site. The Darklaw Compendium will have many new illustrations, and I’d like to do them in ink. I’ve wanted to do more pure…

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Darklord – Rook Portrait WIP #1

I started work in earnest on Rook. He’s looking a little younger than he probably should. You can find out more about him on the Darklaw Saga Page or, of course, in the books. The Avestine…

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Art in the Time of Covid-19

As Iowa increased its confirmed coronavirus cases by 50% overnight, I’m sheltering in place, despite that our governor has told us we don’t need to. Thing is, Iowa is not testing a lot, and what testing…

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