The Hero’s Journey – Darklord and Avestine WIP

I was able to do some writing, plotting, and illustration all in the same week on the second novel of the Darklaw SagaDarklord.

I like to refer to Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” when I’m plotting. If you’re not familiar with Campbell’s work, you’d be doing yourself a favor to look into what he described as the monomyth — the archetypal human experience. You can see the monomyth at work in almost any story, but it directly influenced the authors of both Star Wars and The Matrix.

Adding some background and textures, and more naturalistic effects, too.

I was working on illustration textures today. Textures are my favorite part of any drawing. It’s detail work, but I found I do better when I go back and forth between layout and detail, rather than working large to small or broad to detail. I do the same in my writing.

Textures are all about layering; it just takes time. I had a lot of fun messing around with colors, texture brushes, and airbrushing to hit highlights and shadows, while making soft things look soft and hard things look hard. I’m still using Jingsketch brushes, particularly the blenders, and the native Procreate brushes.

A nice graphic of the hero’s journey as explained by Joseph Campbell.

The WIP from my last post to this one was five hours. Plenty of work to do just on the character of Avestine, but then I have five more characters to insert in this scene.

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