What Work-Life Balance? Sending A Child to College

My oldest son graduated this month.

It’s bittersweet, as many parents would agree. I’m trying to focus on the joy not the loss, but it’s tough. I’m so proud of this kid–his emotional strength, his ambition, his effort. He graduated with high honors and scored a terrific scholarship to our local community college, where he plans to prep for transfer to a state four-year college. Or he might enter the military. He’ll do both but in what order? Ah…I remember being 18.

This means I’m paying for a monthly apartment in a neighboring city, so I’m working more. That’s severely limited my creative production. It makes my social media rather quiet. I had great creative ambitions and put in a lot of work toward my goals before I had children, but I don’t regret this delay at all.

If you’re following along over on my webfiction site or Twitter and wonder why it grew so quiet, this is why. I haven’t stopped creating. More time on the day job, but I’ll continue posting Darklaw until it’s finished. I have WIPs for Demonrise and Darklord ongoing. I also have three book covers for print versions of my 3 novels in the works. And I have a new project, One Page Comics, that I have two WIPs for. (I’m also learning to create in Maya and playing around with 3D printing in Inventor, so you may see some of these, too.) For me, it’s the process that’s the joy not really the finished product. I realize that doesn’t mean much to you, but it is what it is. You can follow this blog or the webfiction site to see new postings or follow my Twitter where I post everything.

Thank you for continuing to share my journey. wuwei