Working Through the Shingles Vaccine

Have I posted yet about getting the shingles vaccine and what a mistake that was?

I’m not willing to accept on medical authority that every vaccine is safe, effective, and necessary. There is too much money at stake and too much corporate involvement with trials and research to trust “authority.”

Vaccine science is not a black-and-white issue, though I used to get mobbed by people who told me it was. That was the joy of Facebook back in the day and why I don’t have an account there. The mob accused me of being an antivaxer because I suggested there is research showing vaccines are not always safe and effective. It’s just common sense. Question, research, read, wonder.

I’m starting to add the background. The wonderful thing about digital painting is I can make it extremely detailed but crop it in different ways. I can get a close-up portrait or a panorama.

But I went ahead and got the shingles vaccine on Friday at my doctor’s recommendation. She and I don’t see eye-to-eye on many things (like carnivore and crossfit), but I stick with her because she keeps me honest — I have to think about my decisions and her arguments, and I figure that’s good.

So I got the vaccine at 1pm. At midnight, I was awakened with fever and aches. Nausea followed. I have had the flu without actually having the flu all weekend — fever, aches, chills, nausea, and little sleep. Lost my whole weekend to this.

People tell me shingles is worse.

Despite a continuing fever, I did some work on the Avestine WIP. Today, I started adding in the background. More characters will also appear over time.

I started this WIP with a comic book style, but decided to move to a naturalistic style. It will take longer, but my goal at this point is illustration not sequential art.

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